Monday, August 06, 2007

trailer is up on youtube!

I just realized my .mac account ended a while ago so the trailer stopped working. I put it up on youtube so hopefully everyone can access it again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

D.C. screening!
Saturday Aug 4th

The film will be shown followed by performances by bands hope and anchor and ninetynine!! More info....

Saturday August 4th
"Embodied Revolution" short discussion to follow with filmmaker and featured activists
hope and anchor and ninetynine
6pm at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building
1644 North Capital Street NW downtown D.C
all ages $6-10 sliding scale

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thank you to everyone who came out to showings of the film and also to everyone who has attempted to get in touch with me about how to purchase copies or hold screenings of your own.

At this point I am not at a place--financially or otherwise (I am graduating in May and this is my first priority right now!)--to create copies of the film for sale. Please know I will do whatever I can to figure out a way to make copies and have them available but this cannot come until after May. Judging from the responses to the film so far it really feels like people want to talk about these issues. I never ever expected it to get as large as it has or to be this significant. So thank you to everyone who has given me kind words and made me feel like this documentary is really needed--even if I am just an undergrad who did the whole thing on a rather useless budget and severely limited amount of time when it comes to filming a documentary. It means a lot to know that working about four times harder than I normally do was definitely worth it--not just for me but for other people as well.

The trailer link is still up but I'm planning to take down the other two linked pieces of media just because those were part of the first cut and have been changed. If you are interested in showing the film and would like for me to come to your university or community please let me know! If I can get travel funding I will go just about anywhere if it works with my schedule.

A few other things I have been thinking about that are not logistical:
Doing this project has been interesting for me on many levels. I feel like putting the work together I went through a kind of personal transformation. For months after the filming I sat alone in a little cubicle editing and listening and watching and rearranging. To present the film finally was like telling the world this secret I had been holding on to for like 9 months. I have created a zine that talks some about my influences but I have not really mentioned them on the website.
The film is dedicated to Gloria AnzaldĂșa whose work has probably been the most significant influence for me in my life. The book This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color basically shaped my activism when I was a junior in high school. I am greatly dedicated to making sure her work is valued on the level it should be and the work of so many others who were a part of that particular anthology and those that followed. I know the shape of the film, content, and intent, have all been greatly influenced by all that work.
For my undergrad degree I have created my own major looking at how we can mix sociology/anthropology, women's studies, and social work with more creative mediums like film, photography, and creative nonfiction. I really believe that presenting larger social issues in a creative light makes it more accessible. For this reason I feel pretty strongly about not falling into an art form or writing that is completely inaccessible or academic. While many issues talked about in the film may go over the heads of people who are less familiar, I hope that I set it up in a way that it will prompt people to seek out sources and ask more questions in their own lives vs. being completely overwhelmed. This is primarily why I decided to make the zine to hand out at showings of the film--it has about 4 pages worth of resources in it, a gender glossary, and more.

For now I'm getting things in order for a presentations at the following places:
-Wesleyan University on April 28th
-possible screening but most likely a short presentation of clips and talking about the project at the National Women's Studies Association Conference June 28th-July 1st (
-somewhere in D.C. on August 2nd with a performance by hope and anchor who composed the music for the film
-Warren Wilson College sometime in April
-it will also be shown (without me there unfortunately) at the genderPAC conference May 17th-19th in D.C.

Any support right now financially or otherwise is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for anyone who has already donated to the project, it means a lot to me.
If you would like a copy please send me an email and I'll put you on a list and let you know as soon as it becomes available. I will post new information about screenings when I figure out exact times/places/dates/etc but until then keep fighting the good fight!

In solidarity,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I created the *actual* trailer for the film last night and put it up this morning. It can be accessed here,


hope and anchor got the music to me yesterday and it's everything and more than I imagined! I'm really excited to lay down the sound and get the film ready to show for the opening. I know music is going to make a HUGE difference.

If you have trouble with the trailer, just let it sit for like 5 minutes, it should come up after that, unless your internet connection is really slow. I made the file larger than the rough cut of the opening because you couldn't read the words if I didn't make the quality higher.
I hope everyone is well! I'm looking forward to the Translating Identities Conference next weekend!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You are invited to the premiere screening of "Embodied Revolution: A National Look at Gender Based and Body Conscious Activism," Friday, March 2nd!
The documentary highlights twenty different activists across the United States engaged in direct action, community organizing, performance art, and everyday revolution. Each tackle a variety of issues from gender stereotyping and discrimination to body image, fat identity, queer femme visibility, transgender rights, representations and objectifications of women in the media, safer communities, and more. An open panel discussion will follow with the filmmaker and friends featured in the documentary.
Local Asheville groups featured in the film include: Tranzmission and the Ashevegas Outlaws.
The soundtrack has also been composed by local band, hope and anchor (

Food and mingling at 6:30 in the Upper Fellowship Hall at Warren Wilson College, movie will start by 7pm--it's 90 minutes, the panel discussion will follow. Things should end between 9 and 9:30

$2-5 suggested donation (all money goes towards traveling with the film and distribution / no one turned away for lack of funds)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lots of news!

I watched the second rough cut of the film with Hope & Anchor a few weekends ago. They are working to compose a fabulous soundtrack as we speak.
The big opening of the film and reception will be March 2nd in the Upper Fellowship Hall at Warren Wilson College, most likely around 6:30 pm. This will be a community wide event and open to all of Asheville and beyond! There will be a panel discussion afterwards, it should be pretty great.

I've also been asked to present the film at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. They are having a Queer Conference towards the end of March that I will be participating in. It should be pretty great, the key note speaker this year is Kate Bornstein!
The set up of the presentation will be similar to the one I'll be doing at TIC, possibly viewing a trailer along with a few clips from the film and then having a panel discussion and dialogue. I'm also seeing about getting into the film festival that goes along with the conference. If this happens the documentary will be shown at the Fine Arts Theatre, which would be a huge honor but I'm not getting my hopes up yet.

I also just heard today that they want me to do a session at the National Women Studies Association Conference this summer. This is HUGE, I applied but didn't really think anything would happen with that. The conference is June 28th-July 1st in St. Charles Illinois. They are actually willing to help out with some travel costs too which is really great. If anyone in the film reading this thinks they might be able to come to that and would like to sit on a panel with me that would be really awesome.

The film is definitely going to travel! I'm really glad there is so much interest, it's going to be great to start having conversations with folks about the activism and work being done.
Thanks to everyone!
I also want to note that once I get a trailer together I will post it online so people can view it. That probably won't be for about a month, however.

Sending my best,

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've been asked to present the documentary at the Translating Identities Conference at the University of Vermont!
I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it, I just have to figure out if I can get some support to fly out there.
It's over the weekend of February 24th. If anyone reading this lives around there you should try to make it out! The conference is free you just have to register before hand.
I feel really honored to be asked and excited that I'll finally get to go. Ever since I first heard about it I've been trying to find a way to fly out there.
For more info about the conference check out their website here, TIC 2007

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Streaming video!

Here's a link to the first cut of the opening to the film! There's no music or anything yet but you should get the picture.

click me!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Things are coming along.
I'll be working through the end of next week and then taking a break for a while. The first rough cut should be finished by then. I'll get back into the lab mid-January to put in the music, names and titles, and any random b-roll that I did not have until then.
I came up with a tentative title a few days ago and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Embodied Revolution: A National Look at Gender Based and Body Conscious Activism

Thank you to all who have been helping me out with getting photos and other such things for b-roll!
More updates after next week when the first cut should be together.
Also--thanks to some tech savvy people at UNCA and the wonders of Final Cut Pro, my sound problems are pretty much gone. Ah the joys of technology. It's barely noticeable anymore.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I've got roughly one more month to finish the bulk of the work on the project. A few days ago, this would have terrified me. I'm feeling a little better about it now. Unfortunately, a few of the interviews have sound problems, but I'm planning to do everything I can do to fix it. If anyone has advice about this, that would be awesome.
Attempting to be your own sound/film person is really problematic at times I'm realizing now. Live and learn I guess.

I'm working on filming extra b-roll this week. I have to figure out copyright laws and such for certain things. (For example: is it illegal to film and use images from magazines, like advertisements and such, if you give credit at the end? Does it make a difference that I don't plan to make any $ off this project?)

I've re-worked the intro to the film a little bit. Once I get it together I'm going to try and put it into a quicktime file or something so I can put it up on the site. The wonders of the internet, I bet I can even put it on youtube now!
That's pretty much the news. I hope everyone had a good short holiday.

Oh yeah--one more thing, I added links to the "tranzmission" website and a little bio about them in the entry below under "Asheville, NC"