Monday, November 27, 2006

I've got roughly one more month to finish the bulk of the work on the project. A few days ago, this would have terrified me. I'm feeling a little better about it now. Unfortunately, a few of the interviews have sound problems, but I'm planning to do everything I can do to fix it. If anyone has advice about this, that would be awesome.
Attempting to be your own sound/film person is really problematic at times I'm realizing now. Live and learn I guess.

I'm working on filming extra b-roll this week. I have to figure out copyright laws and such for certain things. (For example: is it illegal to film and use images from magazines, like advertisements and such, if you give credit at the end? Does it make a difference that I don't plan to make any $ off this project?)

I've re-worked the intro to the film a little bit. Once I get it together I'm going to try and put it into a quicktime file or something so I can put it up on the site. The wonders of the internet, I bet I can even put it on youtube now!
That's pretty much the news. I hope everyone had a good short holiday.

Oh yeah--one more thing, I added links to the "tranzmission" website and a little bio about them in the entry below under "Asheville, NC"


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