Saturday, November 11, 2006

A rough storyboard has been compiled! I'm anticipating the film to be around an hour and a half. I transformed my basement by putting up all the paper cut outs from interviews and notes. It's pretty exciting to see the walls covered with such things. I feel like the non-fun part of transcribing and organizing is over and now I get to throw myself into the lab for hours and hours to get creative. The project is evolving even more and I feel like I just re-learned/experienced everything that happened this summer and early fall over again, which is pretty great and inspiring.
I love seeing the breadth of work together. I definitely saw the connections between everyone I interviewed during the filming process but really demonstrating that through the storyboard outline has been kind of amazing. It's really cool to see what I think is an evolved consciousness surrounding all this different work. People are approaching a similar issue on all different fronts with a like minded goal and complete understanding of how all oppressions connect. The movement, whatever movement it is that may be happening, has really grown up to the point where the understanding and acknowledgement of overlapping identities is talked about and considered a major part of the work. For this film I obviously focused on people dealing with issues of gender but I feel that it affects everyone and plays a part in all social justice movements that are happening. I just hope I can give the people and their words the justice they deserve.

Also to note: I'm thinking that once I get all the clips onto my external hard drive I'm going to attempt to figure out podcasts and see if I can't just put a few up. That probably won't happen for a few weeks but I'll try!
I'm taking a break this weekend from all the work and have gone home to the Chapel Hill area, back to all my favorite places and to see family. My sister will be having her first baby this winter! We had a shower for her today. What a world for this new addition of our family to enter. I'm so glad there are people working so hard to make it better for everyone. Babies and courageous, outspoken activists always give me hope! :)


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